BLOWTECH came into existence due to requirement of our customers for custom built vacuum cleaning systems for critical applications. Blowtech is a division of more than two decade old vacuum pump manufacturing company which is one of the leading companies in the field of vacuum. Blowtech within a short span of time has emerged one of the most recognized names in the field of Cleaning Industry. It has accomplished this by listening to its clients and responding to their needs. Our many diverse clienteles include the pharmaceutical industries, food processing plants as well as many other industries that have a need for specialized vacuum cleaner systems. Many of these industries require HEPA vacuums as well as vacuums for controlled or hazardous environments.

The complete range is indigenously manufactured with the latest quality & environmental norms.

Our product ranges includes
1) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
2) Compressed air vacuum cleaner
3) Dust collectors
4) Chip Extractors
5) Centralised Vacuum cleaning systems

Our specialty lies in our ability to tailor our vacuum cleaners to meet your specialized needs. Our teams of professionals are eager to help you, and as we are manufacturers, we are able to build a vacuum cleaner specially to meet your needs.

• High quality of raw materials and components
• Absence of mobile parts and/or transmissions
• High reliability and reduced noise
• Easy use and maintenance

APPLICATION Industries Served
• Foundries (Ferrous & Nonferrous)
• Brick & Refractory Plants
• Steel Mills
• Automotive
• Power Generating Stations 
• Paper & Pulp Mills
• Glass & Ceramics
• Pharmaceutical
• Railroads & Shipyards
• Food
• Machining & Milling
• Powder Coating Facilities
• Textile
• Cleaning Contractors
• Chemical
• Asbestos
Materials Handled
• Abrasives
• Ceramic dust
• Glass Cullet
• Metals - Metal Chips & Turnings
• Lead Brass
• Sand - Steel Shot/Grit
• Fly Ash
• Chemicals - Textiles - Food
• Plastic Pellets
• Wood Chips/Sawdust
• Powder Coating
• Toxic Waste - Slag & Scale
• Asbestos & Carbon Black

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